A Little FaceTime

24 Apr

This is one of the many reasons why I love technology. Dad is away at a school conference so the kids said goodnight via FaceTime. This was M’s first FaceTime experience. I wonder if she was confused? J called it “calling dad with the face thingy”. Funny…

A Little FaceTime

Ain’t No Mo’ Room for Drama, Mama!

20 Feb

I get so sick of drama. Some people thrive on it. It seems they have nothing better to do than create it. Those are the people I can’t get away from fast enough. You know, the kind that just want to suck the life out of you every chance they get. Their perpetual negativity is a buzz kill. It is almost as if they believe the world revolves around them. They’re kind of like a leech (or a bed bug, ewww)…blood suckers. Sometimes you just have to cut off the blood supply. Once you do, you’ll feel a lot better.

Recently, I severed ties with someone whose constant pessimism and unwillingness to understand the plight of others (including mine)  placed an unnecessary burden on my already full (& overwhelming) plate. I was constantly walking on eggshells, careful not to hurt their feelings. After trying to help and encourage this person (who was VERY needy) several times and repeatedly getting shot down, I began to feel depleted emotionally after EVERY interaction. It was beginning to taint my outlook on life.

Uh, not a good thing for someone who already suffers from depression.

Dissolving that friendship (a decision I did not take lightly) has lifted that burden and allowed me to focus my attention on the things and people that lift me up. I learned that I cannot help someone who is 100% unwilling to help themselves. I also learned that I should not try helping someone, repeatedly, when it is at the expense of my own mental well being. It was time to let them go and move on…and that is just what I did. Yay, me!

Anyway, LIFE IS TOO SHORT! Move on, embrace life, and be happy! 🙂

Brick House Buzz: Our Little “Brick” Corner of the World

25 Nov

We are homeless at the moment. Well, not living under the overpass kind of homeless, just not homeowners. We unexpectedly sold our home in October after having it for sale for nearly a year and a half. We truly didn’t expect it to sell since the market is so bad where we live. We had already accepted the idea of spending another Christmas in our home, something that I was perfectly fine with.

I loved my little brick house. It was our first home. The home we brought our two little ones home from the hospital to, the place they learned to walk and talk, and where we spent family nights camped out on the living room floor watching movies together. So many wonderful memories were made there. I was hoping that we would do the same with our newest addition, who was born in November, but that was not to be. We really outgrew the house anyway. We moved out just two weeks before our little one was born.

Our home sold in one day, well, in less than eight hours actually. They called at noon, wanted to look at it between two and three and we had an offer, which we accepted, by 8 o’clock that night. I remember that Monday so vividly. I was sick on the couch (it was a rough pregnancy), the house was a mess, and as a result, Doc told the buyer’s agent we weren’t going to show the house. The agent convinced him that he should. Thank God he did or our house would still be for sale.

So, with our future plans uncertain, we moved into my parents basement. Yes, the four of us plus a newborn moved in with my parents who care for their elderly (hard hearing & stubborn) mothers both with Alzheimer’s. Thank God their house is large and alcohol is abundant (for Doc anyway). This is another post for another day. In fact, I could write an entire book on this subject. I’ll spare you the details (good, bad, and ugly) for now. A couple of months later we put a contract on a house, another BRICK house. When telling friends where our new house is we often have to say, “you know, the brick house” and they usually know what we are talking about. And the name of our blog, Brick House Buzz, was born. It makes me laugh every time. Anyway we must wait until June to close. Hopefully I won’t have to be committed for losing my mind before then. I suppose only time will tell.